Direct and Indirect Taxation

Taxation is a crucial aspect of doing business in today's globalized world. The high tax rate and the continuous changes in the Indian tax and regulatory context can make the task of creating and managing operations in the country a complex one. Our team offers a full range of specialized tax services ranging from tax management, internal taxation, independent business advice, corporate structuring, tax assistance and assistance in litigation and representation support.

Direct Tax Services

Direct Tax Services is the tax that is paid directly to the government by the persons on whom it is forced. It cannot be changed onto others.

  • Filing Tax Returns – Corporate and Non-Corporate
  • Advice on payment of advance tax
  • Tax planning – Corporate and Non-corporate
  • TDS Compliance services
  • Devising employee emoluments structure
  • Bulk filing of employee returns
  • Fringe Benefit Tax compliances

Difference between Direct and Indirect Taxes

Direct taxes are non-transferable taxes paid by the tax payer to the government and indirect taxes are transferable taxes where the liability to pay can be shifted to others. For example, Income Tax is a direct tax while Value Added Tax (VAT) is an indirect tax.

Indirect Tax Services

An Indirect Tax Services is the tax collected by an intermediary from the one who shall allow the ultimate financial burden of the Indirect Tax Services. It in fact increases the price of products so that consumers are actually paying the taxes by paying more for the products.

  • Sales Tax/VAT registration & compliances for different states
  • Custom & Central Excise compliances
  • Compliances of Foreign Trade Policies
  • Service Tax registration & compliances