Corporate Law and Secretarial Support

Corporate law nowadays is a complex legislative act that regulates the activities not only of Indian companies but also of foreign companies setting up a business in India. At each stage, companies must comply with the plethora of provisions contained in legislation such as the Indian Companies Act, FEMA compliance and SEBI regulations. H. Tosniwal & Co. has a dedicated team of company secretaries, lawyers and chartered accountants with extensive experience in corporate law and commercial/legal documentation. Our team is strongly business-oriented and has experience in all sectors and keen sense to provide complete solutions for all secretarial matters.

Corporate Legal & Secretarial Advisory

We provide complete support for the establishment of the company, complying with all the requirements and regulations of the Indian Companies Act. Our services also include the filing of all types of applications, returns, forms, etc. by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. We guarantee that regular updates are sent to customers and we also provide advice on call.

How we can help

H. Tosniwal & Co.'s Company Law and Commercial Documentation teams provide the following key Company Law and Secretarial services:

  • Business Set Up

Incorporation of Private and Public companies, limited by shares or guarantee, LLP, Section 8 company, Producer company, One-person company (OPC), Wholly owned Subsidiary.

    • Business Restructuring

Amalgamation, Mergers, Take Over, Conversion, Restructuring, change of name, Object, Share Capital, Conversions, Fast Track Exit (FTE), Winding up of various types.

    • Changes in Functioning/Amendment

Changes in Designations / Owners / Directors / Partners, Creation or Satisfaction of Charges, Issue of Shares by way of Rights Issue / Bonus Issue / Private Placement/ Preferential Allotment, Change of Name / Object / Capital or any other Clause in the Memorandum of the Company.

    • Day to Day Activities

Conducting Annual General Meeting, Extra Ordinary General Meeting & Board Meetings for Companies. Drafting or amending of the company documents which include Memorandum of Association (MOA), Articles of Association (AOA), Legal agreements, Share Certificates, Share Transfer documents, Notices of Meetings, Resolutions and Minutes of Meetings.

      • Annual Activities

Annual filing & Compliance services for Companies & LLP’s, XBRL Annual filing, Secretarial Compliance Certificate and /or Report of Secretarial Audit, FLA returns, ODI Returns and preparation of various related reports.